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Content Search and Filter Tutorial

Following is a step by step guide to using some of the new features in Content Manager and Surveyor to help you find content that you are looking for.

1. Main Screen with All Tab selected. Shows a list of all items.
2. Download Station tab selected shows only items on DLS. Note that the Search tab now has Location/Download Station.

Tip: It may take several minutes to populate the Download Station list the first time you start CM2.
3. Press + on Search Tab and Name filter appears. Type in br and any item with br in the name is listed.
4. Add class to the Name filter and now items with br class appear in the list. Note 169 entries are shown in the list.
5. Next, remove the Name filter by clicking on – and type br class in the Keyword filter. Note that now 214 items are shown. The Keyword filter has found items that have br and class anywhere in the name rather than the more specific Name search, which only finds “br class”.
6. Next, add 50 in the Name filter. The 214 items are now reduced to the 26 items with 50 anywhere in the Name.
7. R-Click on the column heading to add Installation time and KUID. L-Click on the column heading to sort by that column.
8. L-Click and drag a column to move it left or right.
9. L-Click to select an item – the Class 50 enginesound.
10. We are looking for locos not sounds, so to filter out only the locos, click + to add a new filter, then click on the drop down list to show the list of filter choices.
11. After choosing Category click on the drop down arrow next to Routes and choose Train Vehicle.
12. We have now reduced the list to 23 locomotives.
13. Click on the Download Helper window then L-Click and drag the Class 50 loco into the new window.
14. Download Helper searches the DLS and find a number of dependencies. Click on the arrow to show a list of all dependencies that are required. Note that any items already installed will not show on the list.
15. Click on Start to begin downloading. Speed and download limits are shown at the bottom of the DLH window. Expected download size and current status are shown at the top.
16. Items are downloaded sequentially and installed automatically. Speed depends on your Internet connection and also your download status. Auran provide a free service allowing 100MB per month at a reduced download speed. You can upgrade to a First Class Ticket to increase your download speed and provide unlimited downloads per month.
17. Next we’ll look at Dependencies. We’ve searched on Routes, Local, Name = Harlem.
18. R-Click on Harlem to bring up the options dialogue. Click on View Dependencies.
19. This brings up a list of all the items used in that route and their status (broken, missing, DLS or installed). This shows that 321 items are installed.
20. Click on View in Main List and all 320 items are shown in the main list.
21. R-Click on Road Freeway 2 and View Dependencies and you will see that it is dependent on Road Freeway 1.
22. To find all sub-dependencies, close the window, open Pick List, then drag the 321 items into the Pick List. (Use Ctrl-A to select all items).
23. With all items selected in the main window, R-Click and View Dependencies and 31 items are shown.
24. View in Main list, Ctrl A to select all and drag these into the Pick List.
25. Maximize the Pick List by closing the Search and Download Helper windows.
26. Click View in Main List on the Pick List to show all 337 items in the Main window.
27. Click File -> Launch Trainz to load from CM2 straight into Trainz.
28. Open a new map in Surveyor and click on Content Search Filter (CSF) at the top of the screen. Content Search Filter is similar to Content Manager but becuase it is in-game, it operates slightly differently.
29. The CSF lists all the items from your CM2 Pick List.
30. You also have a similar Search function in Surveyor as in CM2. Use the + to open various filters.
31. Click on the filter name to bring up the drop down window listing the various filter choices available.
32. Type br in the name filter and open the Trains tab to see all locos with br anywhere in the title.
33. Open the Objects tab and note that only objects with br are being displayed in the list. This is because the filter works across textures, objects, tracks, trackside and trains.
34. You can further refine the list by choosing Region = UK and Era = 1940.
35. Using practice you will be able to quickly refine your searches to find everything you are looking for in Trainz 2009

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