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3 New Trainz Packages

We are pleased to announce 3 Trainz packages to be released in the following 6 weeks. These packages are now available for Pre-Order.

But wait there's more - Preorder a pack and in addition you will receive the Tree Pack absolutely FREE

(Not quite the Treez game that was suggested on the forums but we are sure you will all be pleased none the less.)

Preorders can be made at the following links:

Trainz Simulator: Classic Cabon City
Trainz Simulator: Murchison 2
Trainz Simulator: Settle & Carlisle

Cabon City

Classic Cabon City is the newest and most powerful featured add-on for Trainz Classics ever. The wide range of details spread out around a 10qkm area is based upon our new Trainz technology introduced with TC3 and TS2009. Classic Cabon City will redefine the cityscape routes for Trainz and will hit the top list as a "must have" item for rail and Trainz enthusiasts.

Classic Cabon City is a large city with over 180 stations and a two-track system enabling full choice in the route to your destination. Drive two different Trams with their own cab and follow your route on the HUD interface, Switch junctions directly from the Driver's cabin and explore the vast city laid out before you.

Visit the Site here:

Settle & Carlisle

We take you to one of the most famous and scenic British main lines at the time of the transition from steam to diesel power. With 10 different types of locomotives and dozens of rolling stock items at your disposal you decide what train to drive. Sessions featuring Anglo-Scottish expresses, local stopping trains, fast freights, heavy mineral, slow pickup goods or trip workings offer a rich variety of services for your enjoyment. The 87 mile route from Skipton to Carlisle over the wild and remote Pennine moors will test your driving skills and ability to keep to schedule. Prototypical topography, track plans, gradients, stations, signal boxes and signal placement, viaducts and tunnels will complete your experience. With 'Trainz Simulator: Settle and Carlisle' you will almost believe that you are there.

Visit the Site here:

Murchison 2

Although we mentioned Murchison 2 in the last newsletter, here it is again in case you missed it.

Murchison 2 is a merging of the original Narrow Gauge Murchison logging layout with an extensive Standard Gauge rail network.

By incorporating landscape based on actual electronic map data with the specially developed Nature Series sets (animated waterfalls, river splines, textures, cliff splines, rail ledge splines, rock splines), Murchison 2 takes Trainz to a new level of realism. The result is a photorealistic layout, set in the steam/diesel transition era, that users can submerge themselves in for a complete interactive rail experience.

Whether a steam-era NG enthusiast, or solely interested in SG steam or diesel operation, the 440 board Murchison 2 layout contains a huge variety of interactive and inter-related industries that will keep the train enthusiast immersed for many hours of operational pleasure.

Visit the Site here:

Lifetime First Class Ticket

We introduce to you the new Lifetime First Class Ticket, never worry about your access period running out again with the FCT that keeps on giving. With the launch of this FCT we are offering a special discounted price for the first month of only USD $82.50

Head on over to the Auran Store to BUY it today.

PT Boats Available for Preorder

PT Boats is now available to Preorder from the Auran Store. You can Preorder HERE

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