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Trainz™ Simulator 2009 Mission Statement:

TS2009 continues the tradition of providing the most flexible and powerful rail simulation tools ever created. In this latest edition we are not only adding to that power, but also making sure that power is easier to find and use. TS2009 also takes advantage of a 10 or 20 times hardware performance improvement over the past 8 years. By doubling the terrain tessellation and further optimising the Jet engine, users will be able to dramatically increase detail in the world and maintain good frame rates. Of course the actual route performance is still ultimately in the hands of the creators who can keep adding more and more detail forever and bring even a supercomputer to its knees.

The other big new feature is the addition of an in-game web browser and the creation of Trainz Online. Trainz Online is like the World Wide Web for train fans. Users can write their own blogs, find and chat with other users, add screenshots to their own gallery and share their experience through Trainz Journeys (stories written by Trainz fans about their experiences). Top 10 lists will showcase the best screenshots, movies, routes, downloads, and Journeys. Users will be able to vote on Daily, Weekly and All-time lists and filter by Region to find the best content from their favourite part of the world.

Once again, TS2009 will be a collaboration between Auran and the content creation community. This combined effort ensures that we can continue to focus on adding the features users are asking for and to continue improving the platform for generations to come. We look forward to sharing the journey with even more content creators and to help that process work smoothly, we have also opened a TrainzDev wiki which will be the hub of communication and information about making this the biggest and best ever version of Trainz.

Tony Hilliam
CEO - Auran Games

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